Hey, everyone! Thanks for stopping by here!

Find Coffee Maker is a place where you can find reviews and comparisons of all types of coffee makers.

I have created this blog for those people who are Coffee Aficionados.

Let me tell you a little about myself first.

My name is Amit and I am from India.

I am a blogger by profession.

I have been fond of drinking coffee since childhood.

The first time I drank coffee at a wedding ceremony, I got addicted to it.

After this, I started drinking coffee by making coffee at home.

Although I did not know how to make coffee

But still I used to make it anyway.

Then one day, I read a blog in which a recipe for making coffee was written.

But I needed a coffee maker to make it, whereas I didn’t have any coffee maker.

Then I took some money from my parents and bought a single serve coffee maker.

After which I tried that coffee recipe.

Apart from drinking coffee in my spare time…

I like to read blogs and find new blog ideas.

Contact me if you need any kind of help from me.

[email protected]