7 Best 12 Cup Coffee Maker USA 2021

Are you looking for the best 12 cup coffee maker?

We often use a 12 cup coffee maker when we live in a large household.

In that situation, small coffee makers fail to help us.

Some people also use these coffee makers in their offices which is also a good idea.

By the way, for the last several days, I was looking for a coffee maker with a large capacity so that I can brew a large amount of coffee at a time.

But apart from this, I also wanted some more advance features so that I could make my brewing process easier.

That’s why I tested several coffee makers and finally picked an amazing 12 coffee maker that gives us all the features we need while brewing.

What’s more, this coffee maker is under $100 which is one of the biggest reasons to buy it.

Before we take a look at the list of best 12 cup coffee makers, it is important to keep in mind the important things related to these coffee makers.

Things To Consider Before Buying A 12 Cup Coffee Maker

When we are looking for a 12 cup coffee maker, what matters most to us is its capacity.

Some coffee makers come with 5 cup capacity while some come with 12 cup capacity.

If you live in a large household, then definitely you will need a 12 cup coffee maker that fulfill your needs.

But before buying this, make sure that which one you will need in a glass carafe or a thermal carafe.

Glass carafes are a bit cheap, thereby they can be preferred by those who have budget problems, besides you can go for thermal carafes if you want a high quality, long lasting carafe.

In this best thermal coffee maker article, you will get a list of all the useful coffee makers with thermal carafe. Give it a read once.

Apart from that, you also have to take care of other features that make the process of brewing coffee not only easy but also fun.

Why You Should Consider A 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Small and portable coffee makers fail when we need a large amount of coffee.

And we do not have enough time to keep brewing coffee again and again.

I would like to share a story of mine with you.

I invited all my friends for dinner on my last birthday and when it came time for coffee.

I remembered that the coffee maker I have can only brew 5 cups at a time, whereas there were 11 people at my house at that time.

They were coffee aficionados.

That day I brewed coffee again and again, consequently I was embarrassed among my friends.

And such incidents often happen to us.

After which, I realized that it is very important to have a 12 cup coffee maker in every home which can be useful for small parties and functions.

Best 12 Cup Coffee Maker USA 2021

1. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

best 12-cup coffee maker

(Best 12 Cup Coffee Maker)

This is the first coffee maker on this list that comes with great programmability of 24 hours.

In this you also get to see different colors.

Its existing brew strength control mode allows you to select regular or bold coffee flavor.

It also comes with a self clean function to clean the coffee maker automatically.

This is the best 12 cup coffee maker with auto-off, due to which the coffee maker is prevented from damage.

The 12-cup capacity stainless steel carafe comes with a decorative stainless steel handle that gives it extra strength.


  • Brew pause feature
  • Easy-to-view water window
  • Programmable


  • Filling the brewer is a pain

2. Mr. Coffee Budget Coffee Maker

mr. coffee budget 12 cup coffee maker

(Best Budget 12 Cup Coffee Maker)

If you are looking for a budget coffee maker with a capacity of 12 cups, then this coffee maker is going to be perfect for you.

Because you will get it easily in the budget of $ 30.

Despite being cheap, we get to see dual water windows as well as auto pause feature which allows to steal a cup while brewing.

In this we also get to see on/off indicator lights which show us whether the coffee maker is on or off.

For those who prefer a better coffee maker at a lower price, this can be a better deal.


  • On/off indicator lights
  • Brew pause function
  • Measurements marking on carafe


  • The gage of the plastic is very thin

3. Black+Decker DLX1050B Small Coffee Maker

black+decker small 12 cup coffee maker

(Best Small 12 Cup Coffee Maker)

Small size coffee makers are often used by us to save space in our kitchen.

However, in these we also get to see advance useful features.

This coffee maker from Black+Decker comes with just 11.5 x 8.8 x 14.06 inches of dimension which takes up very little space of your kitchen.

In this we get to see the programmable clock on the front while it comes with glass carafe which comes with measurement markings for accurate filling of 12 cups.

We also get to see removable filter baskets which are very easy to clean as they are dishwasher safe.

Overall, those looking for small sized coffee makers that can brew up to 12 cups of coffee can make this their kitchen companion.


  • QuickTouch programming
  • Sneak-a-cup feature
  • 2-hour auto shutoff


  • A bit short power cord

4. Airmsen Programmable Coffee Maker

airmsen programmable 12 cup coffee maker

(Best Programmable 12 Cup Coffee Maker)

If you are used to drinking coffee every morning when you wake up, then bring this coffee maker to your home today.

As it is the best programmable coffee maker in this segment that will prepare delicious coffee for you in the morning without touching it.

With a total capacity of 12 cups, this coffee maker offers superior programmability as well as a brew strength control function that allows you to brew your favorite coffee as you want.

On the front side of this coffee maker, we get to see its control panel, which comes with a good quality display.

So that we can access all the settings of the coffee maker in a much better way.


  • Great programmability
  • 4 hours keep warming function
  • Advanced brewing technology


  • No color option

5. Mueller Drip Coffee Maker

mueller drip 12 cup coffee maker

(Best Drip 12 Cup Coffee Maker)

If you are looking for a drip coffee maker that comes with more capacity, then this drip coffee maker from Mueller would be a better option.

In this coffee maker that comes with smart anti-drip system, you will get to see auto keep warm functionality that keeps the coffee at potable temperature for a long time.

Its anti-slip feature prevents it from slipping on the countertop, while it has a carafe made of non-porous borosilicate glass that comes with a capacity of 12 cups.

In short, this is a better option for those looking for a drip coffee maker.


  • Smart anti-drip system
  • keep warm function
  • Dishwasher safe carafe


  • No auto shut-off

6. Black+Decker Thermal Coffee Maker

black+decker thermal 12 cup coffee maker

(Best Thermal 12 Cup Coffee Maker)

Thermal carafe has always been everyone’s first choice as it allows us to keep the coffee hot at a drinkable temperature for a longer period of time, while also giving it a premium look.

Coming from Black+Decker, this thermal coffee maker is the best in the segment and comes with a double-walled and vacuum-sealed carafe with a capacity of 12 cups.

In this coffee maker, we get to see customizable brewing options, using which we can control the strength of the coffee and can be brew in small-batches (1-4 cups).

Its thermal carafe comes with no-drip perfect pour spout in which we have been given a wide-mouth carafe opening so that we can clean it very easily.


  • No-drip perfect pour spout
  • Evenstream showerhead
  • Customizable brewing options


  • Carafe’s button mechanism can be annoying

7. Cuisinart DGB-400 Grind & Brew Coffee Maker

cuisinart dgb-400 12 cup coffee maker with thermal carafe

(Best 12 Cup Coffee Maker with Grinder)

A grind & brew coffee maker becomes most important to us when we want to grind coffee beans right before the brewing coffee.

Because it is better to choose a coffee maker with a grinder than to buy a grinder separately.

The Cuisinart DGB-400 is a great performing coffee maker that comes with a built-in grinder.

It automatically grind coffee beans into fresh grounds and brews delicious coffee.

Plus, this coffee maker comes with fully automatic with 24-hour programmability, with which we also get to see advanced features like auto-off (0–4 hours), 1-4 cup setting, self-clean and brew pause.


  • Simple controls for effortless operation
  • Great programmability
  • Self-clean function


  • A bit noisy

Best 12 Cup Coffee Maker USA 2021: Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best 12 cup coffee maker?

Cuisinart stainless steel coffee maker is one of the best coffee maker in this segment which is fully automatic with 24-hour programmability as well as offers self clean and 1-4 cup setting.

Which is the best drip coffee maker in this segment with a capacity of 12 cups?

I liked the drip coffee maker from Mueller in this segment as it equipped with a smart anti-drip system that ensures that your counter-top stays clean and tidy.

Which is the best 12 cup coffee maker with grinder?

In Cuisinart DGB-400, we get to see the best grinder that automatically grinds the coffee beans just before brewing them to brew delicious coffee.

Best 12 Cup Coffee Maker USA 2021: Final Overview

If you are still confused whether you should go for 12 cup coffee maker or not then I would like to ask you some questions –

  1. Do you live in a large household?
  2. Do you often organize parties?
  3. Do you have to brew a large amount of coffee in one go?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then believe me you should go for the 12 cup coffee maker right now.

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