7 Best Smart Coffee Maker USA 2021: A Definitive Guide

Smart coffee makers that we can easily access from our smartphones are very much in trend these days.

Which are very easy to operate.

While we have to access the control panel of ordinary coffee makers to use them, on the other hand these smarter coffee machines are easily accessible through mobile apps, WiFi or even Bluetooth as well.

While we can not even imagine our morning without coffee, the expansion of technology has provided us with many types of app controlled coffee makers.

Thereby we reach the coffee maker even while lying on the bed through the app installed on our smartphone.

However, these smart coffee makers are a bit difficult to understand in the initial stage.

Yet there are some things to keep in mind before buying these coffee makers.

At A Glance: Best Smart Coffee Makers

Things To Consider Before Buying a Smart Coffee Maker

Since smart coffee makers are controlled by a smartphone, they can be a problem for people who have trouble using a smartphone.

In households that have older people, manual coffee makers may be more comfortable.

Also, if you are an occasional coffee drinker, you should avoid these smart coffee makers and consider single serve coffee makers instead.

Which not only allow you to brew tastier and quicker coffee Rather, it does not harm your bank balance too much.

Apart from all this, one question that must come in everyone’s mind before buying a smart coffee maker is what to look for in a Smart Coffee Maker?

Let me tell you.

Whenever you choose a smart coffee maker, the first thing to do is to find out how to access it.

Because the most important thing is the way of accessing them.

While some coffee makers are controlled with WiFi, Alexa and apps, some are compatible with Bluetooth as well.

So first you have to find out which method you are comfortable with.

Once you decide that then start looking for coffee makers that are compatible with the method you want.

Some coffee makers may be compatible with more than one method which is an extra add-on.

So if you find something like that then definitely go for it.

Also, don’t forget to take a look at the required features, and see what features it is providing.

Only after that opt for a coffee maker.

Why You Should Consider a Smart Coffee Maker

There are many benefits to choosing a smart coffee maker.

While you can access the coffee maker from just your smartphone, it will also save your precious time.

Alexa enabled coffee makers are also activated with your voice which gives us a whole new experience.

In this run-of-the-mill life, we always think of doing everything in a short-way so that we can save maximum time and as a result of we have to pay the price several times.

But due to the presence of these coffee makers, we can do anything.

There is no need to do it in a hurry, rather they themselves provide us more time and keep delicious coffee ready for us on time.

In short, if you are one of those people who are more busy due to their work then smart coffee makers are a great option for them.

Best Smart Coffee Maker USA 2021

1. Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

(Best Overall Smart Coffee Maker)

This is the first and overall the best smart coffee maker on this list that works wonderfully with Alexa.

This voice activated coffee machine listens to everything you say and gets activated with one of your commands.

This is a programmable coffee maker that you can take the help of Alexa to program.

Due to which the process of programming can be completed without touching the coffee maker.

That’s insane, isn’t?

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In this Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker, we get to see front-fill ground basket and water reservoir at the front, thereby filling water in the reservoir is also very easy.

In its control panel, we have also been given a display in which we get to see the clock.

In addition, we get reminders when the coffee maker needs to be cleaned.

Where the display shows us “Clean” instead of the clock.

The nice thing about Hamilton Beach Alexa Coffee Maker is that we don’t need to install any apps to use it.

For this, a QR code is provided on the back of the coffee maker which you can access by scanning it with your smartphone’s QR reader.

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  • No need to install any apps
  • Auto shutoff
  • Programmable


  • No manual shut off for carafe warmer plate

2. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Cup Coffee Maker

hamilton beach flexbrew smart coffee maker

(Best Budget Smart Coffee Maker)

Now whether it is about regular coffee makers or smarter coffee machines, we always give importance to budget.

And it is also necessary.

The Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker is perfect for those looking for a budget option.

In this we get to see three brew sizes of 8, 10, and 14 oz.

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On its side, we get to see a 40 oz capacity water reservoir which is very easy to fill and clean as it is removable.

This is an app controlled coffee machine, to control which you have to install the Hamilton Beach app.

The best thing about this Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker is that we can use K cup pods as well as ground coffee.

These are more beneficial for those who are used to using their favorite ground coffee.

If you are a strong coffee drinker, you can brew strong coffee for yourself with the “Brew Bold” button on its control panel.

At the same time, its adjustable cup rest allows us to use coffee mugs of different sizes.

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  • Quick brew time
  • Removable water reservoir
  • Brew with single serve pods or grounds


  • No programmable

3. Nescafé E Smart Coffee Maker

nescafé e smart coffee maker

(Best App Controlled Coffee Maker)

When I bought the Nescafé E Smart Coffee Maker for testing, I was quite impressed with its design.

It is an App Controlled Coffee Machine that comes with a small, compact and elegant design, along with travel mugs.

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This travel mug is of 210 ml which is thermally insulated, thereby the temperature of cold coffee or hot coffee is maintained in it for a long time.

Nescafé Smart Coffee Maker can be controlled from the app, for which the bluetooth of the smartphone is used.

With this you get to see the dosing spoon and dock, which are plugged-in and the coffee maker is placed on top of it.

In the app, you get all the necessary pairing instructions, which can be easily accessed by considering the coffee maker.

Overall, if you are looking for a smart home coffee maker for a single cup of coffee, this portable Nescafé Smart Coffee Maker is the perfect choice.

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  • App enabled via Bluetooth
  • Easy to use
  • Coffee on the go


  • Only for one person

4. Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker

atomi smart wifi coffee maker

(Best WiFi Coffee Maker)

If you are looking for a WiFi Coffee Maker that will provide you with a strong connection, then definitely take a look at this Atomi Smart Coffee Maker.

Being compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, you can also control with your voice as it is a voice activated coffee machine.

In this, you can enjoy your favorite coffee by scheduling daily or weekly.

Its push notifications let you know when the coffee is ready.

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Its versatile and compact design allows us to keep it on the cabinet even though the kitchen is small.

Where we can control it manually also apart from smartphone and voice commands.

Its LED display and control panel give us the best hands-on experience.

Overall, the Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker can be a good choice if you’re looking for a good, durable WiFi Coffee Maker.

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  • Strong WiFi
  • Voice activated
  • Smart, versatile design


  • You can’t start another warming cycle

5. Nespresso Expert Original Espresso Machine

nespresso expert original espresso machine

(Best Smart Espresso Machine)

This Smart Nespresso Machine is like a gift to those who are searching for a Smart Espresso Machine.

In this we get to see many unique features that change our brewing experience and give us a completely new brewing experience.

Its cutting edge design allows us to keep admiring it which adds to the beauty of the kitchen.

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Stylish and intuitive automated maintenance LED alerts let us know when the water reservoir is empty, the need for descaling and whether the capsules container is full or out.

In this we can brew coffee in 4 sizes Ristretto (25ml), Espresso (40ml), Lungo (110ml) and the all new Nespresso Americano (25ml coffee and 125ml hot water).

At the same time, due to the magnetic drip tray in it, we are able to use coffee mugs of different sizes.

This Smart Espresso Machine allows us to select 3 types of temperature which we can control manually and from mobile app.

This Bluetooth Coffee Maker is equipped with a 19 bar high-performance pump that perfectly extracts the delicate flavor and premium aromas from each coffee capsule.

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  • Perfectly designed for any countertop
  • Bluetooth coffee machine
  • Easy operation


  • Not compatible with Alexa

6. GOAT Story Gina Smart Coffee Brewer

goat story gina smart coffee brewer

(Best Gina Smart Coffee Brewer)

If you want to take your brewing experience to a NEXT level then you should definitely go for Gina Smart Coffee Brewer.

It is an award winning coffee instrument through which you can brew coffee in three ways.

You can do pour over coffee, immersion coffee, or cold drip coffee.

Impressive, right?

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In this we are given a knob so that we can control the coffee drip speed according to us.

On the other hand, if you are used to drinking pour over coffee, then you can leave this knob open.

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  • Hybrid brewing
  • Stylish & involved
  • Full control over taste & quality


  • Too expensive

7. Smarter SMC01 iCoffee Grind & Brew Coffee Maker

smarter smc01 icoffee grind & brew coffee maker

(Best Smart Coffee Maker with Grinder)

If you are very much fascinated by smart coffee makers then surely this Smarter SMC01 Icoffee is going to impress you.

It is similar to the rest of the coffee makers on this list but what sets it apart is its burr grinder.


This is a grind and brew coffee maker that can be easily controlled by connecting to Alexa and Google.

Now you will be able to both grind and brew coffee beans in this voice activated coffee machine which will go a long way in saving time.

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Apart from all this, one such feature that will blow your mind is introduced in this Smarter SMC01 Icoffee which are three interchangeable color panels.

These panels can turn the coffee maker into three different colors (black, cream, and red).

If you are also fascinated with smart kitchen appliances like me and want to make your kitchen stylish and colorful then this coffee maker is for you.

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  • Three interchangeable color panels
  • Heavy-duty burr grinder
  • Works with Amazon echo, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, nest, and more with the use of IFTTT


  • Hard to clean

Best Smart Coffee Maker USA 2021: Frequently Asked Questions

What is smart coffee maker?

These are coffee makers that allow you to control them with your smartphone. From which you can use your phone to brew your favorite coffee at any time. Some coffee makers are app enabled and some have Bluetooth connectivity.

What does a smart coffee machine do?

A smart coffee machine works just like regular coffee makers. With this, you can easily brew your favorite coffee. However, the only difference is that these are operated from your smartphone as they are smarter coffee machines.

Is Nescafé E Smart coffee maker worth buying?

The Nescafé E Smart Coffee Maker is a Bluetooth and app-connected machine that’s perfect for those who just need to brew their own coffee and want coffee on the go. It’s very easy to operate and gives you tons of choices of making the best coffee.

Best Smart Coffee Maker USA 2021: Final Overview

Nowadays, the way smart coffee makers are attracting the attention of people, it clearly shows that people have started needing smart appliances.

They not only save our time but are also very useful.

In this list of the Best Smart Coffee Makers, you will find all kinds of coffee makers that will make your lifestyle even easier.

From these, you can choose the perfect coffee maker for you.

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