Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker Review USA 2021

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Do you want to buy Keurig K-Duo Plus coffee maker?

The K-Duo Plus coffee maker is one of those Keurig coffee makers that have been very much liked by the people.

This coffee maker is equipped with many advanced features which make it included in the list of premium coffee makers.

It is a 2-way coffee maker that offers single serve as well as carafe style brew functionality.

I have been using it since last 2 weeks and I came to know many shocking things about Keurig K-Duo Plus which I will share with you in this review.

In this Keurig K-Duo Plus review, I will not only tell you its features, but I will also teach you how to brew coffee and clean it.

But as always, before buying Keurig K-Duo Plus, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Keurig K-Duo Plus

The Keurig K-Duo Plus is a dual coffee maker which means you can use ground coffee as well as K-cup pods.

These types of coffee makers are often beneficial for people who live in large households.

But if you live alone or your family doesn’t require much coffee then you should go for a single serve coffee maker instead of Keurig K-Duo Plus.

Along with this, it is also a bit expensive due to its great features, thereby if you are looking for a budget coffee maker then you will be better to ignore it.

Instead, the Cuisinart DCC-450BK may be a better option.

Why You Should Consider The Keurig K-Duo Plus

Keurig K-Duo Plus is one of those coffee makers that, being premium, offers many advanced features.

In this, we get to see a large water reservoir which eliminates the hassle of filling water frequently.

While on the flip side, it is compatible with K cup pods which provide better flexibility.

Due to its excellent programmability, you can program it easily.

Overall, if you are looking for a coffee maker that is equipped with all the advanced features and can enhance your brewing experience manifold, Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker is a better choice.

Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker Review USA 2021

Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker


  • Capacity: 12 cups
  • Weight: 16.1 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.88 x 7.68 x 14.9 inches
  • Water reservoir: 60 oz


  • Use both ground coffee and k cup pods
  • Strong brew feature
  • Multiple brew sizes
  • Multi position water reservoir
  • Thermal carafe
  • Smart start feature
  • Pause & pour function


  • Gold filter does not have a handle

Keurig K-Duo Plus Review: Design & Build Quality

The Keurig K-Duo Plus is one of those coffee makers that come with a small yet attractive design.

In this, you will get to see the thermal carafe at the front which easily fits in a 7.25 inch space.

There is a drip tray at the bottom of the carafe, which can be removed and the travel mug can be kept easily.

Apart from this, Keurig branding is seen in the front which is also a brewing compartment.

In this we are allowed to use ground coffee.

For this, you have to pull it out, in which the filter basket is visible.

The build quality of the entire compartment is superb and gives you a very premium feel at all times.

Looking up, first you will get to see the control panel, with the help of which the entire coffee maker can be controlled very easily.

Here you are given LCD display, with the help of which you will be able to control the brewing settings and programmability.

We’ll be talking more about this later in the features and brewing sections.

On the back of the control panel, you will see a lid, which when opened, you will get to see the brewing compartment in which we can use K cup pods.

The water reservoir will be seen on the back side of the coffee maker (may also be on the side).

Which we can attach to the back of the coffee maker as well as attach it to the right and left.

The method of changing the position of the water reservoir is slightly different, which I will tell in the separate section.

keurig k-duo plus coffee maker design

You’ll be very happy to know that the Keurig K-Duo Plus is only 14.19 inches tall, while the overall height remains only 17.5 inches if you open the lid of its k cup pod compartment.

Thereby, you will be able to fit it easily under any cabinet.

Overall, it is very good in terms of design and build quality.

Keurig K-Duo Plus Review: Features

While the Keurig K-Duo Plus offers world class design and build quality.

It has all the features we need.

If you are not a professional barista and are looking for a feature-laden coffee maker for your home, then you must take a look at all its features.

Dual Brewing Flexibility

Since it is a dual coffee maker, it can brew coffee in single serve as well as in carafe style.

Although it comes with a gold tone mesh filter, you can also use a paper filter in it.

According to the company’s guideline, you can pour a maximum of 15 tablespoons of ground coffee in its filter.

Whereas, k cup pods can be used in the brewing compartment above the coffee maker.

This way you will be able to brew coffee from ground coffee and k cup pods.

Strong Brew

In the control panel of the Keurig K-Duo Plus coffee maker, you are given a button of “Strong Brew” which allows you to brew strong coffee.

This feature is useful for those who are strong coffee drinkers.

Multiple Brew Sizes

Keurig K-Duo Plus has a range of brew sizes from 6 to 12 for carafe and single cups.

When it comes to carafe, brew size is measured in cups whereas in single cup time, this size will be measured in oz, such as;

  • Carafe – 6,8,10, & 12 cups
  • Single Cup – 6,8,10, & 12 oz

Thermal Carafe

With the Keurig K-Duo Plus you will get to see a carafe made of stainless steel with a capacity of 12 cups.

In this you will be able to keep the coffee hot for a long time.

I really liked the lid mechanism of this carafe which is designed in such a way that there will be no dripping at all when you pour coffee from it.

Multi Position Water Reservoir

In the Keurig K-Duo Plus, you get to see a water reservoir with a capacity of 60 oz, which you can also attach to the side of the coffee maker.

keurig k-duo plus multi position water reservoir

I have seen many water reservoir but its water reservoir I have found to be the best water reservoir ever.

Along with being removable, it is also handy, due to which it can be attached and removed comfortably.


This coffee maker can be programmed for up to 24 hours.

For this, a control panel has been given on the top of the coffee maker.

In this review, I will tell you how you can program this coffee maker very easily.

Other Features

Along with these features, you also get to see some other features in it which further improve the brewing experience, such as;

  • Pause & Pour – With the help of this feature, you can stop the brewing of coffee for 20 seconds so that you will be able to grab a cup of joe.
  • Smart Start – With this feature, the brewing process will start automatically as soon as the water is heated, due to which you will not have to wait for the water to heat up.

These were some of the highlighted features of the Keurig K-Duo Plus coffee maker that made me really like it.

By the way, which of these features did you find the most attractive, do tell me by commenting below.

Until then, let me tell you how to brew coffee in it?

How To Brew Coffee in Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker

As I already told you that Keurig K-Duo Plus is a dual coffee maker, so I will tell you how to make coffee in both the ways;

Brew Coffee in Carafe Style

To brew coffee in Carafe style, you will need a few essentials, such as;

If you do not have ground coffee, you can either buy ground coffee directly or use the coffee beans after grinding them in a grinder.

For this you can see the article of best coffee maker with grinder.

By following the steps below, you’ll be able to brew coffee in a carafe style on the Keurig K-Duo Plus;

  • Fill the water reservoir with water
  • Switch on the coffee maker with the help of the power button
  • Press the coffee pot button in the control panel
  • Select the desired size
  • Open the front brewing compartment
  • Place the coffee filter in its filter basket
  • Add ground coffee as needed (one tablespoon equals one cup)
  • Close the compartment
  • Press the K button in the control panel
  • Make sure the carafe is properly placed

That’s how you’ll be able to brew coffee in a carafe style on the Keurig K-Duo Plus.

With its thermal carafe, you can easily pour coffee into your cup.

Brew Coffee in Single Cup

To brew a single cup in a Keurig K-Duo Plus, you’ll need a K-cup coffee pod.

Follow the instructions below to start the brewing process;

  • Make sure that the required water is filled in the water reservoir
  • Press the button of the K cup pod
  • Select the desired cup size
  • Open the upper brewing compartment of the coffee maker
  • Place the K-cup pod
  • Close the compartment lid
  • Press the large K button
  • Make sure the coffee mug is in its proper place

Note:- Keep in mind, you have to place the coffee mug a little behind the place of the carafe because while brewing coffee for a single cup, the coffee comes out from the second one which is slightly behind the carafe style location.

This way you can easily brew a single cup of coffee from the k-cup pod.

How To Program Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker

You can use the control panel to program the Keurig K-Duo Plus.

First of all, you have to press the Auto button, after which you will start showing the time in the display.

The hours and minutes buttons on the control panel allow you to set the time when you want the automatic brewing process to start.

If you set the time for night, you will be able to see “PM” in the display whereas you will not see “AM” if you set the time for morning.

So make sure that if you are setting the time for morning then “PM” should not be showing in the display.

After setting the time, you have to press the brew button (K button), after which you can choose the size of the cup.

If you are fond of strong coffee, then you can also press the strong button.

Finally you have to program the coffee maker by pressing the brew button.

Note:- In Keurig K-Duo Plus you can program coffee maker only for carafe.

Once programmed, you can check that programming has been completed successfully in the coffee maker with an indication light next to the Auto button.

If for any reason you have to cancel programming, just press the auto button once.

How To Clean Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker

You can use Keurig’s descaling solution to clean the Keurig K-Duo Plus.

Although some people also use white vinegar, but if you do not want any kind of smell in the coffee after cleaning the coffee maker.

So you should use Keurig’s descaling solution.

I am doing this process of descaling Keurig K-Duo Plus with Keurig’s descaling solution.

You can also use this white vinegar instead.

So, let’s get started;

  • Pour the descaling solution into the water reservoir
  • Fill the same amount of water in the Reservoir
  • Press the K cup button and start the single cup brewing process
  • Make sure there is no k cup in the brewing compartment
  • Similarly, start the carafe style brewing process by selecting the coffee pot button
  • After this leave the coffee maker to cool for 30 minutes
  • After 30 minutes fill the water reservoir completely with fresh water and repeat both the brewing methods 3 to 4 times so that the descaling solution is rinsed out

This way you can descale the Keurig K-Duo Plus coffee maker very easily.

You can do this process every 3 to 6 months.

How To Change Water Reservoir’s Position in Keurig K-Duo Plus

You can attach the water reservoir of the Keurig K-Duo Plus coffee maker in 3 different positions.

However, for this you have to be a little careful.

To change the position, first you have to keep the coffee maker upside down, after which you will see 2 tabs.

keurig k-duo plus change water reservoir

Then you have to remove them by pushing them inside.

After which you will also have to remove the water reservoir.

Let me tell you that the water reservoir is not completely removable, due to which be careful while removing it.

Above this you will see a button, by pressing which slide the reservoir outwards, after which it will be removed.

After the water reservoir is removed, lift it up and rotate it and attach it to the side where you want it.

After this, attach both the tabs again to the coffee maker.

In this way you can attach any side to the multi position water reservoir of Keurig K-Duo Plus coffee maker.

Keurig K-Duo Plus Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Keurig K duo plus worth it?

The Keurig K-Duo Plus offers all the advanced features that we see in it, offering great design and top-notch build quality, which justifies its price tag.

Do you need a coffee filter for Keurig duo plus?

In the K-Duo Plus, you get to see a gold tone mesh filter which causes slight sediment in the cup. Thereby you can also use paper filters.

Does Keurig K-Duo Plus come with a water filter?

Yes, in the water reservoir of the coffee maker, you will get to see the water filter which filters the water before going inside the coffee maker.

Keurig K-Duo Plus Review: Final Overview

In this Keurig K-Duo Plus review, I tried to explain each and every aspect that is important.

I am using it since last 2 weeks and have come to know about it very well.

Since I am a coffee aficionado, I used to use it several times a day.

This coffee maker is really quiet which is a good thing and goes in its favor.

In the Keurig K-Duo Plus coffee maker review, you’ve get to know everything from its design and build quality to its cleanliness.

And now I hope you don’t need to know anything more about it.

Due to which you will now find it very easy to decide to buy Keurig K-Duo Plus.

In a nutshell, I would like to tell you here that the Keurig K-Duo Plus is a great value for money coffee maker that adds elegance to the kitchen.

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