OXX Coffeeboxx Review USA 2021: The Best OXX Coffee Maker

In the past, I was looking for a coffee maker for review.

When I found the OXX coffeeboxx job site single serve coffee maker.

After doing a little research, it was found that it is considered to be the most DURABLE coffee maker.

After which, I decided to do a detailed review on it and bought it from Amazon.

And in just 2 days it was at my house.

It doesn’t look like a coffee maker at first glance because its design is completely different from other coffee makers.

This is a single serve coffee maker that can brew up to 12 oz of coffee at once.

After using it for the past several days, I am writing this OXX coffeeboxx review.

In which I will guide you step by step through the whole process from using it to cleaning it.

So let’s get started.

OXX Coffeeboxx Review USA 2021

oxx coffeeboxx job site single serve coffee maker


Material: Impact resistant plastic
Maximum cup height: 8’ (with drip tray removed)
Water reservoir capacity: 84.5 oz (2.5 ltr)
Power source: 110v AC (3’ retractable cord)
Dimensions: ‎11 x 9 x 11.5 inches
Weight: ‎12 pounds


  • Separate on-demand hot water line
  • 6 stainless steel tie-downs
  • Stainless steel hardware and UV resistant shell
  • Impact resistant polymer construction
  • Lightweight portable design for easy transportation


  • No markings on water tank
  • Power cord could have been a little longer

OXX Coffeeboxx Review USA 2021: Design & Build Quality

The OXX Coffeeboxx is touted as the world’s TOUGHEST coffee maker.

And since it is primarily designed for the jobsite, excellent build quality can be expected from it.

Instead of a coffee maker at first glance, it looks like a box with a rubberized handle.

On the side of the Coffeeboxx jobsite coffee maker, we can see the retractable power cord which is about 3 feet long.

Here I was a little disappointed because I was expecting a slightly LONGER power cord in it.

Well, the quality of the power cord is very good.

On the flip side, you will get to see a FOLDABLE drip tray, which you can unfold during use.

And if you look carefully here, it will find that TWO spouts have been given here.

In which, one is for brewed coffee while the other is for hot water.

Talking about the top side of the coffee maker.

Here you will get to see two lids and a control panel, in which a total of 6 buttons have been given to operate, which we will talk about later.

Here you will get to see the brewing compartment on one side of the control panel while the water tank compartment is given on the other side.

The water tank of this coffee maker can hold up to 85 oz of water which is also removable.

oxx coffeeboxx coffee maker review - design  build quality

However, you do not get to see any kind of marking in it so that you can find out how much water is being filled in it.

So again, it can be considered as a cons.

You will also find 6 stainless steel tie-downs all around the OXX coffeeboxx coffee maker that allow you to tie it.

So that you can easily carry it wherever you go.

Talking about the build quality of the OXX coffeeboxx.

The company has shown in its advertisement by placing a car over these coffee makers, lighting a cracker below it, and throwing it, which shows that it has the best BUILD quality.

I also checked its durability during testing and I would like to give it 5 out of 5 in terms of durability.

Overall, this is a jobsite coffee maker that has perfect design and build quality.

OXX Coffeeboxx Review USA 2021: Features

OXX coffeeboxx is one of those coffee makers that are popular due to their superior design and build quality.

But despite this, it has many such features that make it stand apart from other premium coffee makers.

Some of these features are as follows –

Whether Resistant

OXX coffeeboxx is water and dust resistant, due to which you can easily use it on the JOBSITE.

Even its control panel gets a sealed constructed design which protects it from water and dust.

Extra-Large Water Tank

This coffee maker comes with a water tank of 85 oz capacity.

Since it is a single serve coffee maker, it still comes with a large water tank, which solve the problem of refilling water again and again.

In this water tank you will get to see 2 holes where you will be able to fill water from the one hole while the another one is for the water filter.

Easy To Operate

This best OXX coffee maker is very easy to use.

To operate it, it has a very easy control panel, in which you will get to see a total of 6 buttons along with the power button –

  • Brew: This button allows you to brew coffee.
  • Water: This button is for dispensing hot water.
  • Size Buttons: There are 3 size buttons in this, with the help of which we can choose the desired cup size.

oxx coffeeboxx coffee maker review - control panel

Indication Lights

This coffee maker comes with 3 indication lights –

  • Heating: This light tells us that the water heating process is going on in the coffee maker.
  • Refill: This indicator light shows the lack of water in the water tank.
  • Descale: This light is on when the coffee maker needs descaling.

Separate Hot Water Spout

The OXX coffeeboxx jobsite coffee maker comes with a separate hot water spout.

In this, just near the spout of brewed coffee, you will see a spout which is for hot water.

Due to which we get clean water and there is no feel of coffee in the water.

How To Brew Coffee in This OXX Coffeeboxx Coffee Maker

To brew coffee in the OXX coffeeboxx coffee maker, you will need K-cup.

Because this coffee maker is only compatible with k-cup and you CANNOT brew coffee in a carafe style.

Before brewing coffee in this OXX coffee maker.

You have to make sure that you have filled the water tank with water and press the power button.

You have to simply insert k-cup by opening the lid of the brewing compartment on top of the coffee maker and select the desired cup size.

Note that the brewing process will not start until the water in the coffee maker has HEATED UP, so you can see the indication lights.

To pour brewed coffee, you can unfold the drip tray section on the side of the coffee maker, allowing you to easily place your coffee cup or travel mug in it.

You can also remove this drip tray to hold a larger travel mug.

Note: The OXX coffeeboxx coffee maker must be descaled before using it for the first time.

You can use fresh water for this.

For descaling, you will need to repeat the brewing process 3 to 4 times without k-cup by filling its water tank with water, after which it will be usable.

A Few Things To Consider Before Buying This OXX Coffeeboxx Coffee Maker

By now you must have known one thing about the OXX coffeeboxx coffee maker that it is made for the jobsite.

Which is why you should avoid it if you live with a large household, as it is also a single serve coffee maker.

Which can brew up to 12 oz cup.

You can’t program it, so it might not be up to your expectations.

This OXX coffeeboxx coffee maker comes with 3 feet long power cord, so if you need a longer cord then you will have to buy a separate power cord.

Also, there is no marking to measure the amount of water in the water tank of this coffee maker, which you should also take care of.

Why Should You Consider This OXX Coffeeboxx Coffee Maker

OXX coffeeboxx is a jobsite coffee maker, due to which it proves to be perfect for people who work on the construction site.

Because you cannot use any coffee maker in such a place.

To work at a construction site, it is necessary to have a better build quality of the coffee maker.

As well as to be weather resistant.

The selling point of the OXX coffeeboxx is its durability.

Due to which it is considered to be the toughest coffee maker.

Also, the OXX coffeeboxx comes with a hot water dispenser system.

Which is an extra add-on feature that is very useful.

Its large water tank allows you to fill up to 85 oz of water in one go.

Overall, if you are looking for a coffee maker for your jobsite or if you are going to camping, OXX coffeeboxx would be the perfect choice.

OXX Coffeeboxx Review USA 2021: Frequently Asked Questions

Is OXX coffeeboxx the toughest coffee maker?

Yes, this coffee maker comes with a crush proof chassis with 1500lb load rating that offers you the best durability, hence it is called the toughest coffee maker.

Does this coffee maker come with hot water dispenser system?

Yes, the OXX coffeeboxx comes with a hot water dispenser system that is supplied separately from the brewed coffee spout.

OXX Coffeeboxx Review USA 2021: Final Overview

There is no doubt that OXX coffeeboxx is a great jobsite coffee maker.

When I was using it, its features impressed me a lot.

Although if I consider buying this for home or office, then I will see better options than this.

But you will not find a better coffee maker than this for the jobsite.

Overall, OXX coffeeboxx is the best OXX coffee maker that you should definitely consider if you are looking for a coffee maker for the jobsite.

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